Our lounge is equipped for the business man who still wants to entertain their clients with a good cigar and a glass of booze while working. After a few relaxing puffs and some Scotch,  you will have them signing the dotted line over any deals. Welcome back, you man of adventure.
Available during the week, regular business hours.

Which guy are you, the blender giver, or the guy that brought the cigar party to your best friends wedding. Or better yet the one that brought it to both the Wedding and Bachelor party.  Imagine the stories that would be told on Wedding day, just make sure your new  Dad is not listening, but if he is, just light him another cigar!!

Liquor in the front, poker in the rear!
Yes you can, truly the best poker night out.  You can play up to 14 guys on two tables.  Don't get up, this time no one has to be the designated beer grabber or complain about dealing. We got you covered with your own dealer and a hostess, she's a beer grabbing, cigar lighting girl who loves to assist you with your Styx.  

The BIG 21, 30, 40, or 50
I don't care pick one. Its party time and off you go again to the same old bar, so you jump in the limo but wait, you can't smoke,  so you wait until you get there and you still can't smoke, not inside and surely not in private,  well you can now. We work with local restaurants and bars, utilizing the energy, drinks and food from your favorite location. The difference, you have your own private smoking room.  It's like the limo but you actually get to smoke and party in it the whole time you have it.

House Party
It's simple...have a party at your house, but not in your house, so you don't have to clean the mess and nobody's smokin in your house.  It's a *BYOB set up with servers and entertainment.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Magic Shows
Abracadabra I sit on his knee presto chango and now he is me, hocus-pocus you take her to bed, magic is fun, we're dead. That even freaks me out a bit but we have a great magic show available for your entertainment pleasure. Stage Show, one-on-one slight of hand, or hypnotize you to get you to cluck like a chicken while doing something with a horse. This is an incredible performance and great way to change it up while smoking it up

*Styx Lounge is a BYOB facility.  For more information, contact management.